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Computer Science and Water Scarcity

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I did my under graduation in Commerce with Concentration in Computers in 2019. After that, I have joined in Digimatrix Solutions Pvt Ltd, Hyderabad based Startup IT firm. Over the course of more than a year working as an intern and Programmer Analyst followed, I learned different technologies related to my profession and played different challenging roles. At present, I am one of the member of a team of professionals where my role includes dealing with technical and management challenges.My…...
Water Scarcity

Water Scarcity

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All of us thrive on necessities of life and our life comes to a standstill if we are unable to get any of these necessities, be it the basic requirement of drinking water. Imagine what situation it would be if you have to pay a huge amount for buying water; well I can, as we paid Rs.4000 last summer in order to get 5000 liters, water being a fundamental element for every activity.Global PerspectiveBeing a victim of this issue and…...
Water Scarcity

Water Scarcity in Pakistan

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Water is a critical resource for the livelihood of individuals and the sustained development of any economy. Pakistan is one of the most arid nations on the planet, close to 92 per cent of the land classified as semi-arid to arid. It’s major sources of water are low precipitation (an average of under 240 mm a year with large seasonal and regional variations), lakes and rivers, and groundwater. The population and the economy are heavily reliant on an annual inflow…...
Water Scarcity
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